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Seaside Gin, Sheringham Distillery, Sooke, BC, Canada, 43% abv, C$46

It’s not often that I write about spirits on Winellama.  In fact, when I took the WSET Diploma, I balked at having to take a course on spirits.  In the end, it was the course I learned the most from … Continue reading

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Rum, Premise, 10 years old, Single Blended Rum, Foursquare Rum Distillery, Barbados, 46% abv (92 proof), US$30

A long, long time ago when in university, I made a critical error about the amount of mixer required to combine with spirits when I drank an entire mickey of some nondescript, cheap white rum with only two measly cans … Continue reading

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Aquavit, Linie, Norway, NV, 41.5% abv.

I admit it freely; I like the weird and unusual. When it comes to spirits, this is a little off the beaten track.  Picked up in Amsterdam, it was carried carefully across several borders to its new home in Vancouver.  However, … Continue reading

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Cachaça Engenhosa, Santa Terezinha, #181/250, Dourada, Brazil, 42% abv. 700 ml, C$80

The vast majority of Brazilian cachaça is unaged and ubiquitous – available everywhere and enjoyed constantly.  There are aged versions as well that are equally wonderful, for different reasons. This is one of those versions, and as bottle 181 of … Continue reading

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Da Mata, Cachaça, Santa Teresa, Brazil, 48% abv.

Meet cachaça, the most popular distilled alcoholic drink available in Brazil.  Seriously everyone drinks it and it’s available just about everywhere in either a water white, unaged version (like this one) or an aged, golden toned drink. This example is a … Continue reading

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Cachaça Envelhecida, Reserva do Gerente, Brazil, 42% abv, C$18

Here is a drink you don’t see every day.  In fact, in our market on Canada’s west coast, there is only one cachaça available – and it’s not this one. What exactly is cachaça?   Is it rum?  Well, not … Continue reading

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The Macallan, Select Oak, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky,  Speyside, Scotland, 40% abv. C$80

Also known as the Mac’Allen’ if you’re drinking it with said friend who was kind enough to share, this Scotch was aged in American oak and first fill European oak sherry casks. It has a pale amber hue and on the nose … Continue reading

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