Unruly Vodka, Wayward Distillation House, Courtenay, BC, 40% abv. 750 ml, C$48+

Look, I’ll be honest with you.  Most vodka is not worth writing about.  It’s the easiest spirit to make, most of it’s remarkably neutral, and the cost paid by the consumer lies mainly in the expensive marketing associated with the big, powerful brands – and who wants to contribute to that?

But this one from Wayward Distillery located in Courtenay on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island is an outlier – a serious exception to the vodka rule.  Their tag line perfectly represents this – “A group of unruly people fighting the evils of poor quality spirits one bottle at a time!”

Made from a base of honey, it’s naturally gluten free – no grain has been used.  The BC honey used is fermented into mead, which is then distilled into vodka.  It’s also got a lot going on in terms of texture and flavour.

And because it’s made by hand in small batches at a small craft distillery, you’re paying a local artisan for a stunning bottle with great artwork, but not sending your hard earned bucks to one of the huge conglomerates.  Wins all around!

This spirit is clear and has aromas of vanilla pod and honey, with a palate of star anise, almond, and marzipan.

Not hot in the slightest, it’s got a great finish, fabulous mouthfeel and is designed equally well for a cocktail, or simply as a post-supper sipper.  It’s easy to see why it was a gold medal winner at the 2018 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition.

This is a vodka worth writing about – and drinking.



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