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Rum, Premise, 10 years old, Single Blended Rum, Foursquare Rum Distillery, Barbados, 46% abv (92 proof), US$30

A long, long time ago when in university, I made a critical error about the amount of mixer required to combine with spirits when I drank an entire mickey of some nondescript, cheap white rum with only two measly cans … Continue reading

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Clement Rhum Vieux XO, Martinique AOC, Martinique, 44% abv, US$110

Rhum Agricole is made from sugar cane juice instead of molasses and is a specialty of French Caribbean islands including La Reunion, Guadeloupe, Haiti and Martinique in particular which has its own AOC ( It is also produced in Brazil. … Continue reading

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RUM – WSET Spirits Unit 4 Preparation

R U M Known in past times as ‘kill devil spirit’ or as ‘rumbullion,’ no other spirit has as many types or ‘marks’. It can be light, golden, spiced, dark, old vatted, navy, or vintage, made from a mixture of … Continue reading

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Clement, Premiere Canne, Premium Cane Rum, Rhum Agricole, AOC Martinique, 40% abv

Rhum Agricole is a form of rum popular in the French islands of the Caribbean including Martinique (where this one is from and which has AOC status), La Reunion, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Guadeloupe. It’s made from fermented sugar … Continue reading

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