Pinot Gris, Nichol Vineyard, Naramata Bench, Okanagan, BC, 2018, 12% abv, C$17+

‘Fess up, all you Covid-19 drinkers.  I know you’re looking for daily drinker wines to stock up on, just in case.  Even if you’re not, here is one you should put in an order for ASAP.  I have actually purchased 7 cases of this one, so…

This wine is gorgeous with an absolutely heart-wrenching shade of onion skin – the direct result of having spent up to 36 hours on its skins.  Yes, it’s a white wine, but looks like a rosé with aromas of white peach, apricot, and a little ginger blossom.  Let it warm ever so slightly to open it up.

The palate is dry but juicy, with flavours of yellow peach, kernel, ruby grapefruit pith, and a saline minerality.  On the back end, there’s a lengthy ripe honey crisp apple finish to the whole experience. A scratch of ever-so-light tannin enables the food friendliness of this wine.

With its fabulous mouthfeel, it’s super food friendly and partners graciously with all sorts of dishes including salad greens, chicken, fish, egg, and pasta.  In fact, it goes with almost everything, including nothing but a deck chair and a book.


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4 Responses to Pinot Gris, Nichol Vineyard, Naramata Bench, Okanagan, BC, 2018, 12% abv, C$17+

  1. Shannon Baillie says:

    Ok, now I know where to go when I run out!

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  2. Michael Lewis says:

    7 cases??!!! I need to come spend more time in Victoria and drag BN away from the puzzles to shuttle us around to vineyards and distilleries!

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