Stealing Your Kids’ Hallowe’en Candy and Pairing it with Alcohol; How Low Can 2020 Go?

In the good old days, after I’d convinced my children that I had to do a ‘safety check’ on their Hallowe’en haul after they’d gone off to bed, I would then sit down with my favourite adult beverage in hand, and ruthlessly comb through, selecting the best goodies for myself.

This effort, however, would have been wasted unless I had at least attempted to pair afore-mentioned goodies thoughtfully with appropriate bevvies.  Good thing I am no slouch when it comes to ‘doing the right thing’.

So, to pass along these tips to the next generation of today’s young parents, I’ve put together the following for your Hallowe’en 2020 evening, focusing on some of the more ‘classic’ treats you may find at the bottom of the pillowcase.

Candy Corn and Prosecco

Pringle’s Red Can chips with sparkling wine or Champagne

Popcorn balls with wooded Chardonnay

Green jujubes with Gewürztraminer

Sour Jacks or Sour Patch Kids with New Zealand style Sauvignon Blanc

Trolli Strawberry Puffs and Rosé


Red Twizzlers or Nibs with Lambrusco

Swedish Fish with Gamay Noir or Beaujolais

Kit Kat with Merlot

Smarties with Pinot Noir

Mars bar with Cabernet Sauvignon


Goodies, Good & Plenty, or Dutch liquorice with PX Sherry

And for all the Canadians of a ‘certain age’ who had many of these over the years, pair those Kerr’s Molasses Kisses with some Cream Sherry.



How low can 2020 go?  ‘Liberating’ the candy and pairing it just seems like the right thing to do given the circumstances.  Remember that if all else fails, Gin or Vodka Martinis go with absolutely everything.  And good luck getting this done before the kids wake up.


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I love wine...and finally decided to do something about it.
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2 Responses to Stealing Your Kids’ Hallowe’en Candy and Pairing it with Alcohol; How Low Can 2020 Go?

  1. Gillian Mouat says:

    I enjoyed this!



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