Gringet, Brut, Domaine Belluard et Fils, Ayse, Savoie AOC, France, NV, 12% abv.

Nestled in a valley between Geneva and Mont Blanc at an altitude of 400m, Domaine Belluard et Fils is a biodynamic (since 2001) and organic vineyard growing several grapes – but one that is most unusual and unique – Gringet.

There are only 20 hectares of Gringet growing in the entire world and 10 of them are here at Dominique Belluard’s domaine.  Some have even gone so far as to call him the ‘Saviour of Gringet‘ because of this.  All his wines are created with indigenous yeasts, and he uses concrete eggs instead of stainless steel – producing superbly balanced and fresh wines.

We enjoyed this incredible bottle of sparkling wine with a Thai food dinner made from scratch.

Chefs at work on the Thai dinner

Gold with a light but persistent mousse, this wine has a shockingly sherry-like nose with saline, almonds, bruised apricot, mango, and peach.  I actually gasped (in pleasure) when I swirled and sniffed this wine the first time.

The palate is dry with super high, mouth-watering acidity and flavours of dried apricot and nectarine, delicate white flowers, marzipan, and nuts.

Pad Thai and Larp

All of this is enveloped in a voluptuous body that is absolutely delicious and went well with our rice noodle Pad Thai and the Tom Kha coconut cream-based soup.

I wouldn’t recommend this wine with most Thai dishes, but those two were only lightly spiced, the developed dried fruit profile of the wine brought out some of the tropical flavours in them, and the body more than stood up to the richness of the food.

Yes, that is a different bottle…

Truth be told, we finished the bottle up very quickly – and were sad when it was over.  Champagne always gets the airtime and fireworks, but this was one of the best bottles of sparkling wine I’ve ever enjoyed.

This is definitely a drink to search for – if you find a bottle, buy it.  Buy them all.  It’s unique, WSET outstanding, shockingly delicious, and just delightful to drink.


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