Merlot, Charles Shaw, California, 2012, 12.5% abv, US$2.98

The Two Buck Chuck nickname is a bit of a misnomer in this day and age of inflation.  Still, that’s about all this is worth – with its watered down body and astringent flavours and aromas.   But let’s be honest – what was I expecting?image

Actually, I was expecting that by now this would be vinegar.  So, the mere fact it wasn’t is amazing.  I was looking in the basement archives for a bottle of something to make sangria with and found this in a corner.

Really, I should pay better attention to my cataloging system.

For those who don’t know, this is a bottle of the famed Two Buck Californian Chuck.  You can read here for the background on this brand and all the intrigue and controversy surrounding it – and the MOG that’s in it (Material Other than Grapes).

A LOT of people buy Charles Shaw.  Motivated by price and perhaps needing a wine for their spaghetti sauce or chili, or whatever, they buy it.  Tons of it – like, about 5 million bottles a year of it.

That said, artisanal it is not.  Nor will it ever be. And it doesn’t taste anything like Merlot should taste.

On the eyes, it’s a thin shade of garnet. The aromas show red cherry and medicinal alcohol, which is surprising as it’s only 12.5% abv.

The palate is dry with surprisingly medium plus acidity, but it has an extremely light body as if its been watered down. Flavours show cherry juice with a whiff of cardboard.

WSET Acceptable / Faulty.   It depends how badly you want to make sangria as to whether or not this should be tossed or recycled with fruit juice and brandy.

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2 Responses to Merlot, Charles Shaw, California, 2012, 12.5% abv, US$2.98

  1. Allan Neilson says:

    Last night Shaunna and I had a delicious Obra Prima from Quinta Feriera in Oliver. Yummy!

    Are you guys around next week?

    Allan Neilson Neilson-Welch Consulting Inc. Kelowna • Victoria 778.214.3405



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