Miraval, Rosé, Jolie-Pitt & Perrin, Provence AC, France, 2014, 13% abv. 19.50 GBP / C$29 ++

There’s not much about this famous Brangelina – Perrin brothers product you can’t find on the internet.  A quick search brings up a mere 27,900 links on Google.  It was named on Wine Spectator’s 100 top wines of 2013 as the top rosé, and placed 84th on the overall list of world wines.Miraval

Admittedly Wine Spectator has better and more qualified writers than yours truly making the calls, but I still would not say this is the best rosé in the world.  However, it is a very pretty and tasty drink, nonetheless.  The packaging alone is beautiful – although it doesn’t fit easily into any wine fridge or typical cellar system because of its unusual size.

On the eyes, it’s a delicate deeper-than-onion-skin and lighter-than-pink blush.  And the nose is equally light with aromas of cherries, raspberries, strawberries, cotton candy and meadow flowers.  But, don’t be fooled by its appearance.  Underneath this delicate exterior lurks a bold, medium plus bodied wine with the flavours of the Southern Rhône Valley from the Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Rolle grapes it’s made with.

The palate is bone dry with a big medium plus body, no tannins and medium plus acidity.  The flavours show cherries, peaches, berries with high alcohol for a rosé .  As it warmed to room temperature, we tasted green strawberries – the kind you get at Costco in January. The garrigue element was enhanced by the lavender in the sausage we paired it with.  The finish is average.

The best pairings with its weightier than anticipated body were the saucisson sec with lavender, the duck and pork rillettes and the tapenade with feta.  It was middling with roasted chicken, ham and olives, and don’t even look at sweet cherries or tart, pickled cornichons if you’re considering this rosé with a spread of food.

A load of fun to drink because of the names and prestige associated with it – a  WSET Good plus bottle. Château Miraval also produces a red and a white.

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