Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo – ‘3V’, Casa Madero, Val de Parras, Mexico, 2020, 13.7% abv.

DSC_0221DSC_0224Anyone who follows me on social media will know I was in Mexico recently with my family to celebrate 20 years of togetherness.  What better way to toast our family’s union than to enjoy a Mexican wine from the oldest winery in the Americas (est. 1597) with the anniversary dinner.

I have only ever had one other Mexican wine, and it wasn’t memorable (for the right reasons). That product was from the Baja, from where 90% of Mexican wines hail. But one must alwaysDSC_0124 maintain an open mind -and I’m glad I did, because the 3V was a lovely accompaniment to our celebratory dinner.

This 2020 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo from the Val de Parras IMG_2299(‘parras’ means ‘vines’ in Spanish), is grown at 1,525m.  This is the only reason wines of any measure of quality can be produced this far south – the altitude offers an air conditioning effect on the vines.  The Val de Parras is a microclimate oasis in the middle of what is otherwise mountain ranges and semi-desert.

DSC_0108Deep purple with aromas of strawberry, blueberry, plum and boysenberry, the palate shows the same fresh fruit, augmented with dried tobacco leaf, marvelous body, and good acidity.  It has spent 12 months ageing in American, European and French oak.

The Mexican wine industry is very tiny and only 5% of wines are ever exported, so you’re unlikely to be able to buy this outside of Mexico.  But if you have an opportunity, do try a bottle.

There is no regulation in Mexico with regard to wine production – so, there are no DOCG, AOC, or AVA styleE5A54FDF-209A-43FE-A358-18A14190E6BD denomination systems. This means there are no established rules to follow for winemakers, but it also means they’re figuring out what works in the wine regions and which grapes respond best to the terroir and microclimates.  I’d say Casa Madero has done the work, and the 3V (as well as the second bottle, Shiraz), proves it.  

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