Champagne, Perrier-Jouët, Brut, Belle Epoque, Epernay, Champagne AC, France, 2006, 12.5% abv.

Over two centuries, Perrier-Jouët has only had seven cellar masters.  It was also the first House to create a dry Champagne in 1856.  Then there are its famous art-nouveau bottles – and this one has been hand-painted.  Since 1902 when Emile Gallé designed the trademark anemones to be engraved on the prestigious cuvées, the House has remained loyal to this heritage.img_8005

Beauty, history and innovation – these define the Champagnes of this House which is the third most prestigious brand in the world (and owned by Pernod-Ricard).

This gift (opened for my 50th birthday, yay me) is a vintage bubble, meaning all the grapes used are from the same year.  This is unusual for Champagne which can blend as many as 90 different parcels from different years into one bottle, depending on the size of the House and the strength of its pull for grapes.  This enables larger Houses in particular to ensure their wines have consistent taste and aroma markers year after year.  So, for a cellar master to call for a vintage to be made, he or she must be very confident that the harvest is spectacular enough for a single vintage to be used.

On the eyes, this Champagne is pale lemon with all over, tiny but persistent and delicate beading.  Its aromas are extremely delicate and lightly floral – with crisp green apple, white peach, lemon and shaved hazelnut with fresh French bread.

The palate is dry with high acidity, light body and a delicate alcohol level of only 12.5%.  Its flavours are subtle with light lemon rind, yellow grapefruit, and almond with white flowers on the back palate.

WSET Outstanding – stylish, elegant and classic.  All House, all the time.  Thanks, Chef Francine of Table 1006.

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2 Responses to Champagne, Perrier-Jouët, Brut, Belle Epoque, Epernay, Champagne AC, France, 2006, 12.5% abv.

  1. Katherine Blake says:

    Happy birthday, Lindsay! What a spectacular gift to mark a milestone birthday. My mouth was watering just reading your description (. . . shaved hazelnut with fresh French bread). Yum!




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