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Cachaça Engenhosa, Santa Terezinha, #181/250, Dourada, Brazil, 42% abv. 700 ml, C$80

The vast majority of Brazilian cachaça is unaged and ubiquitous – available everywhere and enjoyed constantly.  There are aged versions as well that are equally wonderful, for different reasons. This is one of those versions, and as bottle 181 of … Continue reading

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Da Mata, Cachaça, Santa Teresa, Brazil, 48% abv.

Meet cachaça, the most popular distilled alcoholic drink available in Brazil.  Seriously everyone drinks it and it’s available just about everywhere in either a water white, unaged version (like this one) or an aged, golden toned drink. This example is a … Continue reading

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Cachaça Envelhecida, Reserva do Gerente, Brazil, 42% abv, C$18

Here is a drink you don’t see every day.  In fact, in our market on Canada’s west coast, there is only one cachaça available – and it’s not this one. What exactly is cachaça?   Is it rum?  Well, not … Continue reading

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