Riesling, Poet’s Leap, Long Shadows Vintners Collection, Columbia Valley AVA, Washington, USA, 12.5% abv., 2021, US$16

What’s the saying, ‘When in Rome…?’  Well, when in Washington State, find yourself some Long Shadows Poet’s Leap Riesling from the Columbia Valley, because it’s one of the grapes they do best there.  

Pale yellow with aromas of green apple, kiwi and soft lemon, the palate offers more green and yellow apple, lemon zest and limeade with some freakishly high acidity that practically yells, “Drink more!”IMG_1274

Lightly off dry, it’s not cloying in the least.  Some additional flavours of ripe apricot, white peach, and fresh nectarine show up with a sliver of green grass just to make it interesting.  The long finish allows you time to admire its prettiness.

Fashioned in the tradition of the wines of Armin Diel, the infamous Riesling master whose family has been making wine in the Nahe since 1802, this complex wine is made by Gilles Nicault as part of the Long Shadows collection in Woodinville, WA.  Almost unbelievably, you can buy it at Costco for a mere US$16.  You’re welcome. 

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