Domaine Huet, Le Haut Lieu, Molleux, Vouvray AC, Loire, France, 2008, 12.5% abv

During our June 2012 visit to France, we visited Domaine Huet and enjoyed a tasting and tour with Johan. Before leaving for a scrumptious lunch of local Loire specialities engineered by Chef ChristoIMG_3891.JPGphe and his wife Natalie at a nearby restaurant, we purchased two bottles.

One was the 2003 L’Echansonne (click here for tasting notes) which we shared with the memory of Canada’s soldiers at Juno Beach in Normandy and this, the 2008 Haut Lieu Molleux.

This wine was chosen, unbeknownst to Domaine Huet, and served to HM Queen Elizabeth II at the June 2014 70th Celebrations of DDay in France. We figured that alone would make it an eligible candidate for one of the toasts at my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebrations.

Almost unbelievably, in 2008 these grapes endured 160 mm of rain in just 2 hours. Johan showed us pictures of rivers running down the streets and the vineyards looking like rice paddies.IMG_3901.JPG

There was so much rain, there were mudslides from the top of the hill in Vouvray down through the vineyards on the slopes. As a result, the wine was much sharper than the 2007 and this accounts for the Granny Smith and yellow apples present in the aromas and flavours.

When we tasted it…it was more than just a candidate. It was a lock.

Medium gold with slow legs and developing, this wine has pronounced aromas and flavours of ripe green and yellow apples, spiced Anjou pear, honey, cinnamon stick, nutmeg and a savoury, damp hay. The hay strikes so intensely it’s practically barnyard IMG_3902.JPGwith wet wool, beeswax and vine. There is a high note of minerality – mica schist.

Medium dry with high but not piercing acidity, the wine has elegant medium body and a long finish. Almost a pity to have opened it at only 6 years old as it will last a long time.

Classic botrytis affected Chenin Blanc – WSET “Outstanding’ wine. Refreshing and lingering, not sticky. Balanced and beautiful – and even better when combined with the Gran Padano and Cambazolo cheeses we selected.IMG_3903.JPG

Worthy of a Queen and two deserving parents celebrating a lifetime together.





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  1. Johan says:

    You will be always welcome for a tasting. Johan


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