Vermouth, Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery, Courtenay, BC, Canada, 18% abv., C$33+

With its pretty, pale gold colour and layered aromas of sea salt and honeyed herbs, the flavours of this Vermouth are complex and show honeycomb, rosemary, medicinal grass, and spicy cinnamon stick.

Have I got your attention?  What is this sorcery, you ask? It’s a hand-crafted, small batch white Vermouth from Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery, located in the Comox Valley on BC’s Vancouver Island.

This is the second version of Beaufort’s Vermouth – the first was 15% abv and the 4 bottles I bought and loved last summer have long since been recycled.  The current bottle checks in at 18% abv and is a deeper, more complex version of what went before.

Vermouth is undergoing a rebirth all over the world, especially with younger drinkers who are not content with simply putting a whisper of it into a martini.  Today’s drinkers espouse a more European approach, which often means enjoying a Vermouth with some ice, alongside some soda, or simply on its own. 

Vermouth is a fortified wine that is mildly aromatized with a variety of ‘botanicals’, such as herbs, spices, and fruits.  In this case, the base wine is Beaufort’s Madeleine Sylvaner and the fortification comes from local Sheringham Distillery’s Vodka (yes, the Sheringham that won the world Gin award for its Seaside Gin in 2019).  The combination is a union made in heaven – and the 11 botanicals used include wormwood, rosemary, vanilla, lemon and juniper.

Suffice to say this is something you definitely want to get your hands on.  If you check out my Instagram feed, you can see I use it in virtually everything – and I enjoy it equally on its own.  Finally, in addition to tasting fantastic, it’s housed in a beautiful bottle with a hand-applied art deco style label.

Stylish, complex, delicious, and cool – you just cannot lose with this Vermouth.  Enjoy.

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