South Sister, Gin, Cascade Street Distillery, Sisters, Oregon, USA, 43.25% abv, US$34.95

What sorcery is this?  Two posts in a row about gin? Well, when the quality is there, I feel I need to tell you about it so you can plan a trip and a tasting, or find some of this product to purchase.

While passing through the little town of Sisters, Oregon, we stopped to do a little walking around. Lo and behold, the Cascade Street Distillery is located on the main drag, run by a sister-brother team producing some delicious gin, vodka and bourbon.  They also promote some sister-company infused vodkas from Wild Roots Spirits.

We talked at length with Katie, Communications Director and co-owner about their venture. When asked how they got into this line of work, she admitted, “We just drank too much during college – and this was a lot more fun than the internships were were doing…” Judging by the quality of the spirits, they certainly found their calling.

I left with a bottle of the South Sister gin – distilled from corn, and infused with juniper, sage and local Ponderosa pine pods.  It was brought to 43.25% abv using local Deschutes County water – a serious step in the evolution of their high quality spirits.

This gin is outstanding – smooth, and balanced with aromas and flavours that mimic a walk through the dried sage and juniper populating the hills surrounding Sisters.

If you stop by, be sure to do an extensive tasting – they have a lot to offer.  And don’t skip the infused vodkas – I was completely gobsmacked by the pear vodka.  Pristine Bartlett pear makes this unlike anything you’ve had before, I guarantee it. A few miles down the road in Reno, we stopped for dinner at Sierra Street Kitchen + Grill and I enjoyed a Huckleberry Hooch, made with their huckleberry vodka.

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