Azelia, Dolcetto D’Alba DOC, Bricco Dell’Oriolo, Castiglione Falletto, Italia, 2012, 13% abv

I probably don’t need to tell you what happens when several wine and food geeks get together and each brings a nerdy bottle of wine. Not only was there an abundance of alcohol and food, but also of educated opinion.

Between 5 of us, there was about $50,000 in WSET wine education tuition fees spent over the past 4 years or so, 3 Diploma holders and 2 entering their final Diploma term. Never mind the long-standing suffering and extreme tolerance exhibited by the others in attendance who by mere virtue of knowing us know more than is normal about wine.

Here’s a grape to try in 2015 that you may not have tasted before. Dolcetto means ‘little sweet one’ and generally these wines should be enjoyed 1-2 years after they’ve been released. They tend to be tannic and fruity with average acidity – and this one mostly met that bill, save for the tannins.

They are also usually grown on lesser quality hillside sites – the premium ones are kept for Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes. And Dolcetto wines are made to be enjoyed young while waiting for Barbera and Nebbiolo wines to mature.

The Azelia is a medium ruby colour with even legs and has a nose of significant dark raspberry and Byng cherry with light herb.

The palate has average acidity and is dry with quiet tannins, some almondy bitterness, and medium plus intense flavours of herbs, sweet field berries and cherry.

Proclaimed as WSET Good by the group, it’s not complex but is charming nonetheless. The best comment was from Costa who remarked it was akin to a surfer dude who smokes too much, but whom everyone likes anyhow.

Surfer dudes, Dolcetto and WSET tuition fees. There you have it.
What new grape will you try in 2015?


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