Banrock Station, Sparkling Shiraz, Southeastern Australia, 14% abv, C$14.99

I fancy myself an open minded sort, but even I have to admit this wine tested the limits of my esotericism. There is something weird and unsettling about tannin, oak and leather with your bubbles. I have been known to enjoy the occasional bottle of Lambrusco but I am not sure I’ll be buying another sparkling shiraz anytime soon.

This wine is clear and bright, deep medium ruby with bubbles noted. The bubbles dissipate quickly though and there is no comment on the bottle regarding the production method which makes me think it may be tank but there has to be some wood involved at some point to explain the heavy oak.

On the nose it’s heavily jammy and developed with medium plus aromas of red plums, strawberries and sweet black Damson plums. There’s some leather, tobacco and vines as well as oak and sweet clove.

The palate is demi-sec with medium acidity, light tannin and high alcohol at 14%. The mousse is aggressive but has poor sticking power and disappears quickly. Its body is medium and the flavour profile is medium plus intensity but a sickly sweet combination of black cherry kool aid, blackberry jolly ranchers, leather, tobacco and baking spice. The finish is medium.

This wine is simply ‘acceptable’. I’m sure there are much better examples out there, but I’m not going to go looking for them – unless I happen to find myself in Southeastern Australia any time soon. It’s excessively sweet and out of balance with the medium acidity and strong, jammy, leathery taste profile. The mousse is too short lived to make up for everything else.


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2 Responses to Banrock Station, Sparkling Shiraz, Southeastern Australia, 14% abv, C$14.99

  1. Sarah says:

    Totally agree with this; reminded me of Baby Duck (misspent youth; don’t ask!).


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