Rosa di Sera, Beato Bartolomeo Breganze, Vino Spumante, Italia, 11.5% abv, $15

It’s BC election night and a drink will help all of this go down. Besides, I have to keep working on those sparklings lining the shelf in anticipation of that exam in June.

So, I opened the Rosa di Sera, a sparkly 5.5 atmospheres of pressure salmon pink Spumante made in the Charmat (aka Autoclave or Tank) method in the Veneto IGT area of northeastern Italy.

This wine is clear and bright, the weirdest pale orange colour with bubbles noted.
On the nose, it’s got medium intensity and aromas of hops, dried strawberries and apricots. It’s a youthful wine; both fermentations were done in stainless steel vats.

The palate is dry with medium acidity and it has an aggressive mousse. The alcohol is medium minus with medium minus body and the medium flavours show some field berry, stone fruit including apricot and peach, some almonds and a definite hoppy bitterness. The finish is (ho hum) medium.

Despite having had quite a bit of this Spumante tonight (did I mention today is the provincial election? And after having heard the first ever Green Party winner Dr. Andrew Weaver’s acceptance speech, I went from feeling excited for the Oak Bay – Gordon Head riding to being terribly concerned in one quick gulp), I was kind of hoping it would eventually grow on me….but it hasn’t.

It’s an acceptable wine; unbalanced, tasting and smelling of hops and bitterness, the only saving grace is the bubbles, but even that is aggressive. The colour is weird too and I can’t figure out how they made it orange – when online there is mention of having used Prosecco grapes (which is wrong – they’re Glera) ‘in addition to other varietals’. Did they just keep the Glera must hanging around for too long after too much time on the skins? Or did they blend in some orange kool-aid? Love the specificity.

Well, usually you can’t go wrong with bubbles and this isn’t necessarily wrong; it’s just not great or exciting by any means. Kind of like the election results.


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