Miopasso, Nero D’Avola, Sicilia IGT, Italia, 13.5% abv, C$25

So, when the parental units tell you they are spending even more of your inheritance and will soon jet off to Sicily and other exotic locales, what do you do?

Well, I use it as an excuse to go purchase Sicilian wine. This falls squarely under the heading, if you can’t beat ’em…

Since they’ll be spending considerable time in Sicily, we chose a Nero D’Avola, aka Calabrese, the most widely planted varietal on the island.  For centuries used primarily as a blender to add colour and body to lesser reds on the mainland, now it is common to find pure Nero D’Avola wines. There are also many Nero D’Avola- Syrah blends these days and both grapes do well in the dry Mediterranean climate.

This IGT example has no vintage and is made in a modern style, so the wine is quite juicy and fruity.  About 30% of the grapes were allowed to dry prior to pressing (appassimento).

Clear and bright, the Miopasso is medium plus ruby red with quick and light legs.  The nose shows aromas of red fruit including plums, cherries, raspberries.

Dry with medium plus acidity and medium but soft tannins, the wine has flavours of juicy red plums, raspberries, acai and a hint of dark chocolate.  We expected it to be full of raisins and dried fruit, but it wasn’t and was deliciously fresh.

A simple yet WSET Good juicy, fruity wine which is meant to be enjoyed now. It was perfect with our lunch – tourtière, curried chickpea salad, and saffron rice with barberries and fresh pistachios.


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