Hennessy, Pure White, Cognac, France, 40% abv, C$70

Allen picked this bottle up in a Mexico duty free store and it’s not available in Canada or the US. Apparently it’s made exclusively for the Caribbean market where it’s enjoyed chilled from the freezer or mixed into cocktails. Who does that though? Do people really chill their cognac?

We were surprised it didn’t have a t-stop cork but instead has a twist top which is done so it’s freezer-friendly. It does make it a little hard to pour though when combined with the (albeit cool) apothecary style of bottle. And the ‘pure white’ is marketed as being special, but in reality all cognac is made from white grapes…so this is really not as special as they’d like you to think.

But lest you think we were disappointed, we weren’t at all. It’s a pale gold cognac with light and tiny legs. The nose is short-aged, medium plus intense with aromas of flowers, burnt rubber (in a good way) and honey. The palate is dry and it has warming alcohol and a light body with medium intense flavours of pot pourri, caramel, clover honey and a touch of bitterness.

Light, delicate and easy to drink, WSET Good. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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3 Responses to Hennessy, Pure White, Cognac, France, 40% abv, C$70

  1. Marta Chiavacci says:

    I purchased some when I visited Hennesey. They told me they sold it locally specifically for cocktails. Over ice with a splash of ginger ale was their recommendation. It isn’t a ‘true’ cognac as it isn’t aged.


    • winellama says:

      Ah ha! We couldn’t figure it out – makes sense. We figured since there was no mention of any ageing designation, it may have been aged for no more than 2 years. Your info sounds about right!


  2. Lindsay Neilson

    Sensations that are gradually revealed, the highest level of finesse to the perception of supreme opulence. “This is the experience of proving Cognac Louis XIII

    Thank you miss.

    Aldo Beehlerr
    São Paulo – Brazil

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