Lillet Rouge, Podensac, Gironde, Bordeaux, France, NV

Imagine you’re at the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in France. Oh look – here I am!

What to drink? A little apéritif served by a handsome bartender will do nicely.

Meet Lillet Rouge – a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, macerated citrus liqueurs from Spanish oranges and the peels of bitter green oranges from Haiti, plus Cinchona bark liqueur from Peru with quinine.

Pale pink and served on the rocks, it’s got medium acidity and body with flavours and aromas of rose water, petals and lychee. There is almost something soapy about it, but it’s not displeasing. WSET Good, refreshingly tasty and off dry.



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1 Response to Lillet Rouge, Podensac, Gironde, Bordeaux, France, NV

  1. Francine Parker says:

    I think I’d like the bartender, yummy!

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