Howling Bluff, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, VQA Okanagan Valley, 13.4% abv, 2012 (C$19.90)

I want this woman’s life.

It’s true. If my father owned an award winning Naramata Bench winery in BC’s Okanagan Valley, well …let’s just say it’s a rather safe bet I’d more-than-likely be off living the life I dream of, growing grapes and making wines.

As it was, Carly – committed urbanite to the core – was sitting on my porch in Vancouver and that’s where we opened a bottle of her dad’s Sauvignon Blanc (85% ) – Semillon (15%) blend to enjoy with assorted hangers-on. For goodness sake, she even had to BUY the bottle at the VQA store around the corner. What!? No cases packed into the storage locker? Really? Really!?

Clear and bright and the palest lemon colour with even and medium legs, this wine is youthful and clean with overt (read: smack you in the face and bowl you over) and pronounced floral aromas of gooseberry, guava, starfruit, citrus and long green grass. The palate is dry with medium acidity, a solid medium plus alcohol level and medium body. The flavours are pronounced again and consist of more gooseberry with green mango, green gage plum, starfruit, freshly mown lawn, pink grapefruit zest and a creamy bergamot lime.

This is a WSET ‘good’ wine – solid, refreshing, juicy and flavourfully balanced in a very New World package – and perfect for summer imbibing. At only C$19.90 a bottle, it comes in at a sweet price point to boot.

Say, Carly – do you need another sister?


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2 Responses to Howling Bluff, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, VQA Okanagan Valley, 13.4% abv, 2012 (C$19.90)

  1. luke smith says:

    Yikes! nice review, thank you, my daughter having to buy the wine, yuck not so good. Seriously the girl is so independent she never asks for a thing, not even for some wine.


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