Il Bistrot della Pasticciona, Lido, Roma

In March 2021, when the pandemic was so widespread that the entire world seemed to be shutIMG_9715 down, and people were despairing of the future, I read an article about Italy and how people were struggling there. 

bruno simone camillaThat’s when I learned of Camilla Moccia and her family’s restaurant located in Ostia, on the lido to the west of Rome. This picture, taken by Camilla’s mother, Simona and shared in the Forbes article became emblematic of the face of Italy’s Covid-19 battle.

Struck by this, I messaged Camilla immediately and promised to visit her bistrot as soon as travel opened up and we were able to complete a trip to Italy.

Bruno 1We met Camilla, Simona and Bruno (father) last week in Ostia where we enjoyed a fabulous, handmadecacioypepe dinner al fresco on our final night of a three week vacation.  Bubbles preceded a beautiful,IMG_9680Dessertpasta 2 fresh salad with burrata, tomatoes and crostini, and we feasted on her famous pasta – a lemon-ricotta ravioli, and classic cacio e pepe – followed by a piece of chocolate dolce heaven. As busy as she was that evening with all tables full, Camilla even took time to give us a pasta lesson. 

FC09128C-637E-4B47-A7BB-38ABAB2E1EDDIt was an enormous pleasure of ours to meet Camilla and her family, to experience their passion and cuisine firsthand, and to fulfil my promise to support them by visiting Il Bistrot della Pasticciona.digestif

It was gratifying to see that by the end of our dinner, the restaurant was packed, and enthusiastic Italians were out on the streets and adjoining beach enjoying life and all it has to offer.


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4 Responses to Il Bistrot della Pasticciona, Lido, Roma

  1. Sandra Germyn says:

    What a lovely story and a beautiful way to end your vacation. Thank you for sharing


  2. FG says:

    Those are the things that make a difference between a holiday and a life experience, so glad you are living life to the fullest, may your glass never run dry Llama!

    Liked by 1 person

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