Txakoli, Bodegas Gurrutxaga, Bizkaiko Txakolina DO, Spain, 11.5% abv, C$30

A word to the marketing department at Bodegas Gurrutxaga.  A little additional English on the bottle would help get the word out.  Just sayin’…

imageBut then, perhaps they want to keep this one a secret – and I can certainly see why.  Nestled into the foothills of the north central Cantabrian mountains in Spain’s autonomous Basque Country, this is a delicate treat.

This winery is located north of Bilbao in Biscay, one of three provinces of the autonomous region which was granted status within Spain in 1978.

‘Txakoli’ (pronounced ‘Cha-ko-lee’) refers to the traditional style of the local wines, but the exact grape is not on the bottle and difficult to find online.  It is most likely the Hondarrabi Zuri (also spelled Ondarrabi Zuri) grape as that’s the main one from this province.

This version is slender and racy, coloured pale lemon and with minerals, citrus, almonds and Atlantic salt air on the nose.

The palate has good acidity with yellow grapefruit pith, nut, dried bitter herb and brine.

Elegant, clean and balanced, it’s got lighter body than I’d expected.
WSET Very Good and highly recommended, especially for seafood or salads.

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