Andre et Mireille Tissot, Brut, Cremant de Jura AC, Montigny-les-Arsures, Jura, France, 12.5% abv, C$35

aJura is one of France’s smallest and most unusual wine regions.  Located east of Burgundy and the Cote d’Or, it lies in the foothills of the Jura mountains on the eastern border with Switzerland.

The wines of Jura are unique as well and require some effort to find (in export markets), to understand and to enjoy.  But assuming you make that effort, there’s huge payback in it.  There’s cheese too – Jura is the home to France’s famous comte.

The Domaine Andre et Mireille Tissot is a Demeter-certified winery practicing natural winemaking techniques in addition to bio-dynamic viticulture.  They have 35 ha of vineyards, allow no chemicals in the fields, use natural yeasts and use minimal sulfur in the winery.

Their cremant is made according to the rules of the Cremant de Jura appellation which mandates using the traditional method and at least 2/3 Chardonnay grapes.  Apparently they are also one of the only sparkling producers who use actively fermenting Vin de Paille as the liquor de tirage.

It’s an interesting bubbly from Montigny-les-Arsures, just north of the town of Arbois.  It’s made with indigenous yeast and is just enough off kilter to make you pause, take a look at your glass, and then take another sip (like most things out of Jura).

Youthful, deep lemon yellow and with a slightly aggressive mousse. it’s dry and has medium acidity with a medium finish alongside flavours and aromas of green and yellow apples, light salt and oodles of yeasty, freshly baked bread.

WSET high end of ‘Good’ and offers a good value for your money when you’re looking for some tiny French bubbles to enjoy but you don’t want to pay for a champagne.

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